My Shar-peis

My Boys

lilac dilute standard male shar-peiSpot

AKC Champion BD Meili’s Spoticus Of Neil
Color: lilac dilute
Coat: brush coat
Size: standard
Sire: Dragonsoul Mad Purple Max
Dam: Glowbug Crazy In Love

AKC Champion Certificate


apricot dilute standard male shar-peiGunner

BD Meili’s Gunner of Neil
Color: apricot dilute
Coat: horse coat
Size: standard
Sire: Dixon Dupree Clark
Dam: Coco Bear Clark

Kirin Gomez Trades In At BD Meili

Color: Blue and White Flowered

Coat: Brushcoat

Size: Standard

Sire: Kirin Jack-Of-All-Trades

Dam: Kirin Jennie Lind

My Girls

Lilac Dilute Colored Shar Pei Female Dog


Porkypine’s Lyla Blooms At BD One
Color: lilac dilute
Coat: brush coat
Size: standard
Sire: Porky Pine’s Hi Fivin’ The Drag

darla Darla

Porkypine’s Darla B Dancin On D Star
Color: fawn
Coat: brush coat
Size: standard
Sire: Ch. Melvard’s Urge To Surge
Dam: Porky Pines Flash Dancer

Chocolate Colored Mini Shar Pei Female DogTrixy

BD One Diva Trixy Wears A Ty
Color: choclate
Coat: brush coat
Size: mini
Sire: CH BD Meili’s Spoticus of Neil
Dam: Lordcryer’s D Rozy Sky B Rolln